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Practitioner Course in B2B Sales

This Programme is our entry programme with only 2 Digital Coaching Modules.  Nevertheless, two very important Modules, because a Salesrep will always have to sow first in order to reap later and that 'sowing' for a B2B Salesrep is called Prospecting, Generating Leads and Networking.  This way, Prospects are created with which he or she can make appointments to deliver a powerful Pitch that perfectly represents what your company could mean to this potential customer. 

The Module on Professional Pitching will have a huge impact on results.  Once you provide your sales team with this necessary knowledge, you will see the average score improve immediately. 

This B2B Sales Programme consists of the following two Modules:

  • Prospecting, Lead Generation & Networking
  • Pitching with ROI (Return On Investment)


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Prospecting, Lead Generation & Networking

Prospecting is a tricky subject even for experienced sales people.  After following this module, a sales rep can generate new Prospects so much more effectively, especially through his or her knowledge of segmentation and tailoring his or her approach to specific customer segments.  Lead Generation can be done at any time (for example also in the Sales rep's private life) and yields the most profitable customers.  These customers have cost nothing to marketing and already have confidence from the reference.  Those who learn to make contacts easily, for example at networking events, can constantly reap the benefits of this during their entire sales career.  This module will be a powerful booster for the inflow of your sales funnel.

Pitching with ROI (Return On Investment)

Pitching with ROI is a real key module. First you will look for potential customers by networking or prospecting. Then you hope to sell your idea, your product or your services to these prospects and establish a long-term relationship with your new customers.  Your pitch will be the key to this. During this pitch, the client will consciously or unconsciously make certain moves and it is up to you to make the right counter moves because, just like in chess, pitching is a very strategic matter that involves a lot of psychology and expertise. In any case, this is a very interesting module for every B2B sales person who wants to present himself strongly to potential clients.

Your SALESTEAM will acquire the KNOWLEDGE through this Programme to, among other things:

  • Transform COLD prospecting into WARM prospecting, which will also result in much less "resistance" to prospecting
  • Learn the structure and importance of a good CALL SCRIPT that will be their guide in telephone prospecting
  • Learn how to create the IDEAL CONDITIONS for an OPTIMAL sales conversation.
  • How to react to conscious and unconscious moves potential customers make when pitching your business
  • How to deliver a powerful ELEVATOR Pitch in a matter of minutes
  • How to close a Pitch with a powerful CLOSING to achieve maximum ROI on your Pitches

Some very interesting option modules in this programme are certainly the modules Closing Techniques & Objection Handling

These modules are originally intended for B2C sellers working in High Price Retail and therefore sell valuable goods to private customers.  In this Digital Coaching Module, I teach commercial employees to 'close' in a soft but very clear way, and then also to deal with possible objections or purchase hesitations (thinking about it, too expensive, comparing, etc...) from customers.  Of course, this is information that is also very interesting for B2B sellersif not for their personal sales situations, then often to help their customers with information on how to sell more smoothly and easily.

In this way, your B2B sales force becomes a valuable source of information for the respective distributors of your products & services.  

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