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The Iron Sales Rep

Dit Programma is ons meest complete Sales-Support-programma.  Het bevat niet enkel de Modules uit het voorgaande Sales-ROI-Booster-Programma, maar tevens de Modules Time Management, Gestructureerd Groeien en de Module Value Creation.  De extra informatie van deze Modules zal u of uw medewerkers zowel op zakelijk- als op privé-vlak ondersteunen want Motivatie is inderdaad een 360°-concept waarmee je niet enkel jezelf, maar ook je klanten, familieleden en collega’s mee kan motiveren, en Time Management is uiteraard ook voor een groot deel Life-Management, en vandaar een erg belangrijke Module in ons gamma.
The module 'Value Creation' also teaches you how to organise an internal USP workshop for your own company in order to create Unique Value that will keep your company at the TOP for years to come.

This B2C Sales Programme consists of the following eight Modules:

  • Culture, Mission & Vision
  • Time Management
  • Excellent Execution
  • TEAM Building
  • Motivation 360°
  • Structured Growth
  • Value Creation (with USP Workshop)
  • Strategic Thinking


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Culture, Mission & Vision

So this series is about Culture, or more specifically, your Company Culture or the culture of your Sales Team.  Also about Vision of the Future and which role you want to play with your company or with your Sales Team, in this vision of the future.  Something that is expressed in a Mission Statement.  Because every company and every Sales team obviously has a prevailing corporate culture and it is that culture that will determine how employees behave or with what kind of attitude they come to work every day.  This attitude will determine the customer experience for your customers in every contact they have, in any way, with your company.  And Customer Experience will be a decisive factor in the competition between companies in the years to come.  Whoever can offer the best customer experience will get customers over the threshold and have a chance to sell something.  Put a powerful set of beliefs behind that, as a lever, and you have a company or business team with which you will be able to realise any objective.


Time Management

The last Module in this series is therefore about Time Management, or, making the most efficient use of your time.  It is a training that will interest every employee, because Time Management is also a bit of Life Management and many of the techniques that employees learn in this training will also help them in their private lives to make their time much more profitable.  So, what employees learn in this programme are all kinds of strategies that can be used, but also a new way of 'thinking' about time, which ensures that better decisions are made.  Once a commercial employee has mastered these skills, he or she will automatically be able to inspire and help other people around them.

And since in business, Time equals Money, this Module has a direct impact on the PROFITABILITY of the Company.


Excellent Execution

This module is about Excellent Execution.  In the business world, it is often the missing link between the sales made by the sales team and the final realisation of these sold cases.  Sales and turnover are absolutely necessary for a company to flourish in an increasingly competitive business world.  But it is just as important, as a company, to keep the promises made to customers afterwards.  And, ... preferably in a way that is also profitable for the company.  And that is precisely what we discuss in detail in this module, Excellent Execution.  Not only the 'selling' of products and services, for which we have the typical Sales Modules, but rather the perfect execution of the cases sold by the Sales Team.

TEAM Building

This series is about TEAM building and is part of the Sales Support modules.  It's only logical, because if you want to be successful as a Sales Team or as the leader of a Sales Team, you will have to be able to manage and motivate the TEAM professionally.  With the information in this course you will not only learn what the conditions are for a good team and to be a good team player, but you will also learn how you as a coach can help a TEAM to be successful.  You will learn about the three pillars of a well-functioning TEAM: Focus, Cohesion and Shared Responsibility, and most importantly ... how to adjust and fine-tune these three pillars.

Motivation 360°

Once a commercial employee has mastered the techniques of Motivation, he or she can use them to motivate him- or herself, to motivate employees or colleagues and of course also to motivate customers to choose the offer and your company.  This training course provides a wide range of practical tools that a B2B sales person can immediately get to work with and that will quickly produce results.  Motivation is essentially a very psychological thing and it is not a coincidence that a Sales rep lives 'a life on pupose'.  With the knowledge of this Module, it is something the Salesrep can consciously work towards.


Structured Growth

In nature, there are two kinds of matter. There is dead matter, such as rocks and stones, and there is living matter, such as trees, plants and flowers. When we talk about 'natural' matter, again there are only two possibilities. Living matter is either 'growing' or 'dying'. There is no 'status quo' in nature.

From there, you can say that GROWTH is something very 'natural' and an indicator, whether living matter is still 'alive' or rather 'dying'.

In the business world, too, both people and companies are growing, or dying.  This series aims to initiate and guide the growth process, so that people and companies can continue to grow to their next level of performance after this training series.  From our more than 30 years of experience in Business Coaching, we know that certain approaches work again and again because there is clearly a healthy and effective 'mindset' behind them.  They are, as it were, growth principles with which, in business coaching, you could achieve results again and again, and in a very structured way.


Value Creation (with USP Workshop)

The most ideal lever for companies that want to 'grow' is to create more 'value' for their customers.  If that value is perceived by the market as 'special' and 'unique' to the brand, then we speak of USPs (Unique Selling Points).  Your sales team can sell anything, at any price with a good margin, provided they can convince customers that your Company is the only one that can offer a value that this particular customer considers important to him or her.  It is not about the price ... provided you have exclusive VALUE to offer.  The saying goes: Differentiate with VALUE or Die on PRICE.  All basic Sales modules in our range aim to make the customer spontaneously say YES to the proposal of the salesperson, Account Manager or Key Account Manager.  This training series is designed to get clarity and new ideas about the Unique Value your Company has to offer.


Strategic Thinking

This module is about Strategic Thinking and, more specifically, about thinking in such a way that the ideas you get as a team or as an entrepreneur, are also put into practice as much and as well as possible. Ideas are worthless if they are not implemented.  This is something we discuss in detail in the Excellent Execution module.  And to get an idea implemented, you will also have to think of a strategy or a plan of action.  Once you have a method for this, it is so much easier to turn ideas into a tangible reality.  And a strategic approach also includes tactical moves on the one hand, and an overview map on the other hand to keep an eye on the big picture.  All of these you will learn to use in this course.

Your SALESTEAM or LEADER will acquire the KNOWLEDGE through this Programme to, among other things:

  •   Turn limiting beliefs into stimulating beliefs
  • Work according to specific GUIDELINES OF CONDUCT, which will determine the general ATTITUDE within the company or within the Sales Team.
  • Transform the MISSION STATEMENT into concrete OBJECTIVES and devise the necessary strategies to go with them
  • Get much better at dealing with setbacks, which every Sales rep has to deal with anyway
  • Best practices of people who are very good at using their time profitably
  • Learn the different ways in which you can plan more effectively and set priorities more easily, because without priorities there is no good Time Management
  • Work with KPIs in order to control the sales process on the one hand, and on the other hand, to be able to give feedback to the Company's managers more easily
  • How to get more accountability from the Sales Team and make adjustments faster where necessary, by breaking down the big GOALS into smaller TARGETS
  • Why attributes such as 'flexibility' and 'agility' are so important in a business world that is constantly changing
  • Know the differences between a TOP Team and less well functioning teams, and from there implement the right changes within your own TEAM
  • No longer depend on 'luck', but on the right mix of skills and personalities by putting together a well thought-out TEAM
  • Know the characteristics of an ideal TEAMPLAYER and be able to coach efficiently on the behaviour that deviates from this
  • Enormously boost a naturally slightly lower SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS, using the 'turbo' of state management or mood control
  • Apply the Pain-Pleasure principle to self-motivation, peer motivation and, most importantly, customer motivation by aligning your business USPs with your customers' Pain or Pleasure preferences
  • Know what the SOURCE of Motivation is and how to optimise it
  • How important it is to regularly go outside the COMFORT ZONE, both as a person and as a TEAM, in order to experience effective GROWTH.
  • What the VALUES of GROWTH are for a Sales Team, especially: growing too fast, growing on only 1 customer and uncontrolled growth
  • How to GROW AS A TEAM and what such growth can mean for the whole organisation
  • How and WHY it is so important to distinguish between VALUE aimed at 'Avoiding Pain' and VALUE aimed at 'GAINING Pleasure'
  • HOW the TEAM, or the different TEAMs within the Company, can organise BRAINSTORM SESSIONS to come up with new USPs
  • Why there should be a focus in the sales team on the AFTER experiences of customers as the most important arguments to persuade customers
  • How you can make yourself and your TEAM think strategically by asking Strategic Questions.
  • The use of Strategic Models such as a Balanced Scorecard or the ProfitX2 Strategic Map to create RESULTS faster (and more strategically)
  • How to recognise Strategic Talents within your TEAM or Company and how to do Scenario Thinking to be prepared for all possible scenarios

Top, very instructive, super clever connective sentences, good argumentation.

Valentino L.

Seller of Built-in kitchens

One of the most instructive courses, and I have already taken about 15 of them.

Xavier M.

Seller of Shopfitting

Very interesting training for someone who is just starting out in sales like myself, but also for experienced salespeople.

Robin B.

Seller of Built-in kitchens

Very captivating and instructive from start to finish.

Paula G.

Salesperson of Sleep Comfort

It is fascinating, interesting and easy to put into practice.

Evy C.

Saleswoman of fitted kitchens

Interesting way to learn how to make customer contact and to immerse yourself in it.

Joelle V.

Saleswoman of Furniture

Very good. A practical training.

Huub E.

Seller of Built-in kitchens

Clear story, sometimes very recognisable but on the other hand many new insights. Very positive.

Robin de L.

Vendor of Furniture

Top explanation & great content, learned a lot in a short time.

Ina P.

Technology Saleswoman

Very good Tips & Tricks, will try them out immediately.

Leen De L.

Salesperson High Price Retail

Super! Very nice refresher course that taught me a lot again.

Pascal V.G.

Burglary prevention salesman

Very nice refresher for me. Very useful for the sales team!

Bert H.

Sales Manager

I have had several trainings in the past years, but now I have completely different insights and that only in 1 Module.

Raymond V.d.P.

External joinery salesman

A lot of information, but presented in a very nice and interesting way.

Jérôme O.

B2B Salesman

A lot of food for thought. I have been stimulated to work on myself and my future.

An G.

B2B Travel Salesperson

Blessed! Very interesting, clear & practical. Super smoothly delivered, beautiful images, very visual.

Mieke A.

Case manager

Very interesting. It made me think about certain things that I will definitely apply.

Pieter-Jan V.

Salesperson High Price Retail

Turnover X2 suddenly seems realistic

Filip H.

Salesperson High Price Retail

Very positive. Like a good chef who puts a super meal on the table with the best ingredients.

Frank R.

B2B Technology Vendor

Very practical training, applicable in both private and professional life.

Koen L.

B2B Salesman

Clear, inspiring, concrete tips. Motivating and quickly applicable.

Piet L.

Sales Development

Thank you for the new insights.

Michelle J.

Salesperson High Price Retail

Good tools to change yourself. Substantiating and instructive. Coaching that motivates you to do better.

Frank D.N.


Very good tips to boost sales! Clearly explained with good examples.

Jens D. R.

Burglary prevention salesman

Clear and structured slides. Motivating. Prompts to 'reset' the mindset. Top!

Nathalie A.

Salesperson Renovation Projects

This training gave me a boost, also on a personal level.

Bert N.

Sanitary salesman

Some very interesting option modules in this Programme are certainly the modules Executive Sales & Crisis Management

Executive Sales

In both B2B and B2C environments, it will regularly happen that business managers and/or executives also have to enter the sales arena.  After all, some customers only want to do business with 'the BOSS' himself.

This is not always easy for a manager who, on the one hand, is not in the habit of having such conversations and, on the other, has so many other things on his mind.  Nevertheless, a business manager already has a number of important trump cards up his sleeve, and if these are played out well, also for the manager, closing the deal (or being able to do so) is feasible in almost all cases.  HOW to do this specifically as a manager or executive, you will learn in this training series.

Crisis Management

This series is about Managing a Crisis or, about handling and anticipating crisis situations better as a company.  During the Corona lockdown period we received almost daily emails from clients with specific questions.  The predominant trend of these questions was clearly 'how can I best manage my business in such challenging circumstances.  Profitability has been our main theme for decades, both in Sales and in Leadership training, and certainly in Crisis situations companies need to focus on an extreme form of profitability.  The current crisis culture imposes so many restrictions on entrepreneurs that every mistake becomes almost unforgivable.  The Time to Play is over, that much is clear.  Companies that want to survive this Corona storm or any other crisis will have to surround themselves with the right employees, ... use the right strategies and above all ... think in the right way.  With this training, we would like to provide you with some answers.

We would be happy to meet with you to explain this course or the various Digital Coaching Programmes in person