Employees WANT to perform optimally, but often do not know HOW

In 30 years of Business Coaching for hundreds of companies in more than 30 countries, we have hardly ever had to deal with employees who do not WANT to perform.  The challenge employees face is that they do not always know HOW to perform optimally, or WHAT they could do differently in order to perform even better.

From the moment employees are given this KNOWLEDGE, you immediately see the profitability of the employee, the TEAM and the company improve.

Brands and companies that offer this knowledge to the sales staff in their own shops or in those of their dealer network, soon notice a noticeable increase in sales of their branded products.


Digital Coaching intercepts almost all the challenges of Classroom Coaching

During our decades of experience in traditional (classroom) coaching, we often encountered challenges that we can perfectly deal with in Digital Coaching.

  • Whereas 2- and 3-day seminars often offered an OVERFLOW of information, Digital Coaching allows each user to individually CHOOSE a RHYTHM that perfectly matches his or her learning capacity.
  • LEGE BURELEN of Showrooms zijn niet aan de orde, omdat de KENNIS DIGITAAL terecht komt bij de gebruiker. Op die manier zijn er ook GEEN TRAVEL-EXPENSES.
  • INTELLIGENT use of Q & A's not only gives the user INSTANT FEEDBACK, but also the company can thus MEASURE what the KNOWLEDGE LEVEL of the TEAM is and where additional coaching or training is needed.

ProfitX2 Digital Sales Coaching is the IDEAL TOOL

to get KNOWLEDGE into the heads of your TEAMS and give your company the feedback it needs to know how the knowledge is doing



Digital Coaching typically takes about 1/3 OF THE TIME compared to traditional classroom training


Results from large companies such as IBM show that employees learn 5X MORE when they roll out knowledge via a Digital Learning Platform


Organisations experience an 18% BOOST in ENGAGEMENT of their employees when a Digital Learning Environment is offered (source: Molly Fletcher Company)


Digital Learning is good for our world. A study by Britain's Open University shows that Digital Coaching uses on average 90% LESS ENERGY and emits 85% LESS CO2 per user when compared to traditional classroom coaching.

Why ProfitX2 Digital Sales Coaching?

  • De INHOUD van de Coaching Modules is gebaseerd op meer dan 30 jaar ERVARING in meer dan 30 landen, voor honderden bedrijven en duizenden Medewerkers
  • Our training courses have proven time and time again to create MORE CUSTOMERS, MORE REVENUE and MORE PROFIT
  • These training courses are very HANDS-ON and can be applied immediately in communication with CUSTOMERS and EMPLOYEES
  • Compared to alternatives, Digital Coaching costs a fraction of the price
  • Extensive possibilities to PERSONALISE or BRAND the learning environment and the Coaching Modules to your company or brand
  • Employees LEARN at their OWN TEMPO and where and when it suits them best
  • BRANCHED MODULES have been developed for several sectors
  • The Coaching Modules are developed in MORE and MORE languages and made available to many international users.
  • Whoever wants to REPEAT or REVIEW certain matters can do so again and again until the matter is fully integrated.
  • For each module there is also a REPETITION Course that contains the essence of the training. Ideal for a quick review of the material
  • In each cooperation, the customer is assigned a specific Project Manager as SPOC (Single Point of Contact) which makes communication much faster and easier.
  • Thanks to the REPETITION Courses and the Project Manager, we can set up an intelligent REMINDING system based on Professor Wozniak's Spaced Repetition methodology. This leads to a Knowledge Intake of over 80%.

A proven coaching method for better sales results